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Natural Shea Butter Deodorant (2oz)

Natural Shea Butter Deodorant (2oz)

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Essential Oils

Have you gone natural with your deodorant, are you concerned about what you are putting in your body; we have the perfect deodorant for you. Our deodorant is for all ages and gender; all-natural ingredients and chemical free.

With having cancer survivors in mind and understanding their life changing events, we have come up with a perfect chemical aluminum free deodorant and non-antiperspirant. Our product is not just for cancer survivors but for those who want to prevent possible breast cancer.  Our deodorant is long lasting, non-greasy, oily, and you will not have the under-arm residue on your clothes. 

 If you have experienced difficulty with transitioning from store bought to natural deodorants please view our underarm detox. This is a solution to your problems

Our prices have increased because we have switched to biodegradable deodorant tubes


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