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Underarm Detox

Underarm Detox

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Our Detox Clay is designed to remove all chemicals and antioxidants from under your arm to prepare you for the natural deodorant.

Our detox clay is for all ages and gender.
After years of using store bought deodorants that has chemicals, antiperspirants and aluminum switching to all-natural deodorants you may experience your under arms darkening and or chapping. Please do not be alarmed this is your body rejecting the all-natural ingredients because your system is use to the chemicals. Therefore; you would need to detox your under arms to get rid of those impurities, so you can live a much healthier life style.

Never use any metal utensils as you will contaminate the Bentonite Clay. Bentonite Clay is designed to remove aluminum. 

The ingredients used are: Bentonite Clay and Distilled Water

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